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Afistonia: Peasant to Princess utilises 8 bit art style and mimics the look and feel of retro games that were popular during the 1980's and 1990's. In this technological heavy time that we live in today, traditional stories and board games that were used for important family time with our Parents is slowly declining, so why not combine the traditional with the technological?

Afistonia: Peasant to Princess is an educational, interactive story based game in which is aimed at the 5-9 age group, however Parents, older siblings, or extended family can sit down with their children, assist them with gameplay while reading the fairy tale story within. This type of game promotes quality family interaction with the added enjoyment of modern day technology, with the retro look and feel that many Parents will find appealing and nostalgic.

Key Features:

-Retro visuals

-Educational game play: Problem solving and memory card matching games

-Fairy tale story that can be read like a traditional book

-Promotes quality family time

-Strong female lead character

-Colourful environments that will appeal to the 5-9 age group

-Easy to use controls


afistonia (01).mp4 4 MB
Afistonia.exe 56 MB

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